Sid’s Sun Tracking Machine at Minnesota State Fair 2

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If you remember Sid’s Sun Tracking Machine posted on this site a couple of months ago, you’ll no doubt recognize its design in these pictures at the Minnesota State Fair. The event itself is massive. Their website gives the number of attendees for 2011 at 1,769,782!

To quote the sign below,

This solar tracker follows the path of the sun throughout the day. Continual reposition of the photovoltaic panels and solar hot water system allows them to always directly face the sun and capture the maximum amount of sunlight.

This efficient solar array will produce about 2607 kWh of power annually, which is enough to power about a quarter of the electricity needed for the average, energy-efficient Minnesota home.

The 80 square feet of solar hot water panels will produce enough hot water to supply the average household with approx. 80% of their hot water needs.

A picture of the tracker from below, pointing at the sun

Side Shot of Solar Tracker

A picture of the electronics housing, with this site featured :)

One last shot of it and the surrounding area.


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