Sun Harvester Shield Updated to Version 2.0!

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The Sun Harvester Shield has now officially been updated to Version 2.0!

Version 2.0 of the Shield is largely the same as version 1.0. The biggest improvement is the addition of a quick connector in the upper right hand corner which allows you to connect the breakout board or driver board (using an adapter) to the shield without having to do any soldering.

Additionally, the Wind Protection Mode switch Target Changer Potentiometer, and SDA, SCL connections have been changed to screw terminals to further minimize soldering.

I also added an LED which will allow the program to give feedback from the program. For example, I plan to make it flash twice when joystick control mode is activated. More on this later when I finish updating the program.



Additionally, the Sun Harvester Driver Board has been updated to Version 1.1. The only notable difference in this version is a slight change in the hole layout and the removal of copper around these holes to help prevent unintentional shorts through a metal enclosure.


The Breakout Board has also been updated to Version 1.1. This version is basically the same as the last. I just swapped out some parts to make it easier for me to put together.



I have also added a Shield to Driver Board Adapter to make it possible to connect the Driver Board to the Shield without having to do any soldering. This item is optional since you can still just solder your own wires from the shield to the driver, but it does make life easier to use the adapter.



Finally, all of the old versions of these boards are being clearanced out at discounted prices. There is nothing wrong with them, but it is kind of confusing to have to almost identical versions of the same board in the store.

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