Arduino Sun Tracking / Heliostat Program Feature List

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After many years of development the Arduino Sun Tracking / Heliostat Program has evolved to include all of the essential features along with several that are simply just nice to have.

Note that there is no trickery done with light sensors. By calculating the position of the sun based off of the user’s latitude, longitude, and time, it is able to direct the machine exactly where it needs to be without any wasted movement.

Feature List:

  1. Can control both sun trackers and heliostats, or even a mixture of the two
  2. Can control up to 16 machines by default (you could technically control even more if you are willing to rewrite some of the code)
  3. Each machine is fully customizable so each doesn’t necessarily have to be the same
  4. Built in code for the Real Time Clock
  5. Manual Control of sun trackers by using either the Arduino IDE’s Serial Monitor or via joystick
  6. Manual heliostat target control through either the Arduino IDE’s Serial Monitor or via joystick
  7. Heliostat targets are automatically saved to EEPROM after being manually set
  8. Heliostat to Sun Tracker mode (useful for when you are first aligning heliostats)
  9. Wind Protection Mode
  10. Built in Stepper Motor Acceleration
  11. Can control machines that use linear actuators
  12. Can control machines that use gear reduction systems
  13. Can control machines that use a linear actuator and gear reduction combination.
  14. Built in code for resetting the machine(s) on the limit / homing switches.

More to come…

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