Connecting a Driver Board for Controlling a Single Machine

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To control a single machine, you only need one driver board. It is also helpful to have a Sun Harvester Shield to Driver Board Adapter to make the process of connecting the two go a lot faster. It is, however, entirely possible to connect the shield to the driver board without the adapter. We will first cover the process with the adapter and then later without it.

Connecting the Driver Board to the Shield with the Adapter

We’ll start by connecting the driver board to the adapter. To do so, simply connect the two using an Ethernet cable. Make sure you use a straight through Ethernet cable. Not a crossover Ethernet cable. Next, connect the adapter to the shield by using the cable included with the adapter. You will also have to connect the enable wire from the shield to the adapter as shown by the green wire in the picture below. Warning! Make sure you use the furthest bottom left screw terminal on the adapter as shown in the picture. The circuit won’t work otherwise.

Click image to to view it full sized.

Single Machine Wiring


Wiring the Driver Board to the Sun Harvester Shield

If you only need to control one machine, then you do not need a breakout board in the circuit. You can simply wire the driver board directly to the shield. If you are using the older version of the shield (V1.0) then this is the only method available to you.

The image below shows how to do the connections. For the most part, you are just matching the labeled connections on the driver board to the labeled connections on the shield.

Note that the Enable connection on the shield is left unused here as are the ENABLE, GND, and VCC connections on the right side of the driver board. Also 5V on the shield (V1.0) goes to VCC to clear up any possible confusion.

DriverBoard to Shield Connections

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