Connecting Driver Boards for Multiple Machines using Breakout Boards

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The Sun Harvester Shield Breakout Board adds Ethernet connections and power supply outputs to the Sun Harvester Shield. This allows you to easily add multiple machines with minimal wiring.

If you want to control up to 4 machines, you will need 1 breakout board.
If you want to control up to 8 machines, you will need 2 breakout boards.
If you want to control up to 12 machines, you will need 3 breakout boards.
If you want to control up to 16 machines, you will need 4 breakout boards.

To wire the first breakout board to the Sun Harvester Shield V2.0, simply plug one end of the included cable into the connector on the right side of the breakout board. The other end of the cable goes to the connector located on the top right of the shield.

You will also need to make the four screw terminal connections from the shield to the driver board pictured in green below. The uppermost screw terminal on the shield controls machine #1, the second machine #2, the third machine #3, and so on and so on.

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Breakout Board to Shield


The Sun Harvester Shield Supports up to 16 machines, and each breakout board supports up to 4 machines. Thus you would need 4 breakout boards to use up all 16 of the machine outputs on the shield.

The image below shows all 4 breakout boards wired to the shield. You can of course use less if you don’t need to control as many machines.

To add another breakout board to the circuit, use the included cable to connect the second board to the first making sure that the side of the cable with the red wire goes to VCC on both of the boards. Also, make sure to wire the screw terminals on the left side of the shield to the screw terminals at the top middle of the breakout board.

Fill the screw terminals on the shield from top to bottom. So for the first breakout board fill up the top four of the shield’s screw terminals. For the second breakout board, fill the next four empty terminals closest to the top. You can continue in this manner until the shield’s terminals are completely filled.

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multiple breakout boards

With the breakout board(s) wired to the shield, you can then proceed to connect the driver boards. The breakout board is filled with driver boards starting with the left Ethernet connector on the breakout board. This will be the driver board for machine #1. The second Ethernet connector controls machine #2, and so on until the board is filled.

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multiple driver boards

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