Gabriel Miller

Here is a heliostat project that was shared with me via email by its creator, David. Some of the code he wrote for this project was made possible by referencing the code in the Arduino Sun Harvester program. Very cool! This heliostat uses a friction drive for motion and an encoder […]

David’s Heliostat Project

Cerebral Meltdown has undergone a face lift to make it more compatible with mobile devices. I am still working to add links and things to the menu and also going through all of the pages to make sure that everything is working correctly, but things are looking pretty good so […]

Cerebral Meltdown Redesigned!

  Power supplies are now available in The Cerebral Meltdown Store! This 12V, 2.5A power supply is used for powering the Sun Harvester Driver Board. More specifically, it is sized to work with the NEMA 17 Stepper Motors also sold in the store. Since the majority of this store’s customers are […]

Power Supplies added to Store