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How to Make a Parabola with a CNC

This tutorial will show you how to make a parabola in Google Sketchup.

Once created, it can be exported to STL and turned into G-code with a program like Mesh- Cam and cut out with a CNC.

Sketchup to CNC

This tutorial will show you how to create DXF or STL files from Sketchup models.

Once created, these files can be loaded into MeshCam or Cam-Bam Plus and used to generate 3D G-code for your CNC.

Free G-code, CamBam, DXF, and STL files

This page has an assortment of free G-code, CamBam, dxf, and stl files that are meant for hobby CNC machine use.

I will try and update this page periodically as I gather together more files, so check back from time to time for more.

My Joe's CNC

On this page, I describe the more interesting parts on my CNC. Driver board, router, etc. (some people are really into that techno babble stuff)

I'll also show you where I found the info for building it.

How to Make Gears with a CNC Machine

This tutorial is broken up into three parts. The first two will show you how to make a gear in Google Sketchup.

The third part will show you how to take the DXF file exported from Sketchup and turn it into G-code with CAMBAM.

How To Export STL Files From Google Sketchup

This page will show you how STL files can be exported from Google Sketchup.

Once exported, the STL files can be sent to a program like CamBam or Mesh-Cam and used to create 3D G-code for your CNC.

Links to Websites with Free Files Useful for CNC Machines

This page has a list of websites which have files that are useful for CNC machine use.

There are quite a few projects here which should help keep you occupied for a long time into the future.

How to Make a Lead Screw Nut for a CNC Machine

Instead of forking over the cash to buy my CNC's lead screw nuts, I decided to make them myself out of scrap.

Here if a quick tutorial which documents how I made them.

CNC Wind Turbine Blades Attempt

This page documents the wind turbine blade I tried to make with my CNC. I eventually gave up on it to pursue other projects, but I have the 3D model available for download if you want to try and make your own.


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Home >> CNC Projects Page1 >> Page 2 >> Page 3 >> Page 4

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