Misc. Toy Swords for CNC

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Here is a miscellaneous collection of toy swords which are designed to be cut out with a CNC machine. The collection is something that kids might have fun with or might also be useful for school plays.

You may wish to resize the swords to better fit either your CNC machine or the person wielding it. This can be done in Adobe Illustrator, which is what I use, or a free, open source program like Inkscape.

The files are in DXF form and can be downloaded by clicking here.

In the downloaded zip file, you will find a shield, a medieval sword, a Chinese broadsword, and a Chinese hook sword.

Misc Swords

Hook swords, as seen below, typically come in pairs, so make two if you want to be authentic.

Twin Hook

There are two parts to the Chinese broadsword. I’m not entirely sure if they will fit together correctly because I haven’t cut it out myself, so you may have to make changes to it if you want it to be perfect.

Chinese Broad Sword

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