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How to Make a Single Turn Worm Gear with a CNC

This page will show you how to make a single turn worm gear with a CNC.

It's hard to know exactly what the gear ratio is because of the way the worm gear is made, but I've figured it to be about 155.5:1. (4/19/09)

How to Make a Pulley Making Jig with a CNC

The other day, I needed to make several plastic pulleys for my heliostat project.

To make it easier to cut the groove, I designed a simple jig in Sketchup and then cut it out with my CNC. (8/12/09)

CNC Electric Guitar Body Attempt

I have had this CNC guitar body project sitting on my computer for several months now just waiting for me to get around to uploading it to the site.

So here it is finally, my practice attempt at making a guitar body with a CNC machine. (8/14/09)

Solar Cooker Made with a CNC Machine

Here is a solar cooker which I designed in Sketchup and cut out with my CNC machine.

It is meant to be used side by side with my heliostats as a simple means of collecting energy from them. Follow the link above for more info on it. (10/04/09)

Misc. Toy Swords for CNC

Here is a miscellaneous collection of toy swords which are designed to be cut out with a CNC machine.
The collection is something that kids might have fun with or might also be useful for school plays. (11/25/09)

Transferring Files from your Main Computer to your Shop Computer

This page will cover a much easier method for transferring files from one computer to another which involves using Dropbox to automatically sync the two computers. (2/09/10)

Pokemon Stadium

Here is a Pokémon Stadium that I drew in Sketchup and cut out with my CNC.

Just so you know, it was made for my little sister, who is a big Pokémon nerd, as a birthday present.

This is something that I wouldn't have done on my own if it wasn't for her asking me to do it. : ) (5/08/09)

Making 3D / Anaglyph Videos with a CNC Machine

As a physics project / presentation from a past semester, my two lab partners and I decided to try and make a 3D movie using my CNC machine.

This page has the resulting 3D video and also some information on how it was made. (10/27/09)

Making a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade with a CNC Machine

Here is a keyblade which I made with my CNC machine. This was done as a Christmas present for my sister who is overly obsessed with the game (and could probably use some sort of medication). (10/04/09)

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