Making a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade with a CNC Machine

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Here is a Keyblade which I made with my CNC machine. This was done as a Christmas present for my sister who is overly obsessed with the game (and could probably use some sort of medication). This page is a quick overview of how it was made.

For those who aren’t in the know, a keyblade is basically a sword which is used in the Kingdom Hearts video game.

The Keyblade in Illustrator

The first thing I did was find a picture of a keyblade by searching Google images. Here is the link to it if you want to check it out.

One reason I picked the one I did, aside from the fact that it looks cool, is because the perspective on it is perfect for making the outline in Illustrator. It is set directly overhead which keeps everything more or less “symmetrical”.

Below is the outline of the Keyblade after doing a “Live Trace” in Adobe Illustrator.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade in Illustrator

Generating the Toolpaths in CamBam

After getting the outline just right in Illustrator, I then exported it as a DXF file and sent it to CamBam. In the picture below, you can see the 2.5D profile of the keyblade.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Toolpath

Cutting it out with the CNC Machine

Here is a quick video of the keyblade being cut out. You will have to fast forward past the part with the gear to get to the keyblade.

After Cutting Out

Here is a picture of the keyblade after it was cut out with the CNC. I’d say that it took about 15-20 minutes for it to make the keyblade. It looks kind of small in the picture, but it’s actually slightly over three feet long. You can get a better idea of its size from the above video.

Keyblade Cutout

The Finished Keyblade???

This keyblade hasn’t been finished yet. It was my job to cut it out and my sister’s job to paint it. It has been almost a year since I gave it to her, and she still hasn’t had the chance to do it. I decided to just go ahead and upload what has been done so far because it still looks pretty cool even though it is unfinished.

Once she has the time to finish her part, I will put up the pictures.

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