Pokemon Stadium

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Here is a Pokémon Stadium that I drew in Sketchup and cut out with my CNC. This is used as a card table to play the Pokémon card game on. Just so you know, it was made for my little sister, who is a big Pokémon nerd, as a birthday present. This is something that I wouldn’t have done on my own if it wasn’t for her asking me to do it. :)

I designed it, cut it out, and it was her job to paint it.

I made this awhile ago, and it was actually one of the first things that I successfully cut out with a CNC machine.

The Stadium Design in Sketchup

As you can see in the picture below, the design is for only half a board. I did it in two pieces because the CNC that I had at the time wasn’t big enough to do it in one.

The Pokémon title in the middle of the board was found by searching Google warehouse. Everything else was made from scratch.

By the way, I uploaded the design to Google warehouse. It doesn’t look exactly the same as it does in the picture because I thought that I would try and make it a bit more interesting to look at. Click here for the link

pokemon board in sketchup

Before Being Painted

Here is the stadium before it was painted. I took this with my old camera which doesn’t really work very well. I’ve bought a new one since then, which is what I used to take the rest of the pictures. It’s pretty blurry, but you can still make out the lines that were cut in with the CNC machine.

S4023201 []

After Being Painted

As you can see, here is the finished Pokémon stadium after my sister painted it. The flash from the camera makes the paint job look more uneven than it actually is, so it looks better in person. I don’t think she was finished touching it up either when I took the picture because her paint was still laid out.

I think it looks pretty cool now that it’s painted. It turned out to be a neat gift, and, best of all, it was also a really cheap. 😉

pokemon symbol CNC


Finished Pokemon Battle Board

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