Connecting the Limit Switches to the Sun Harvester Circuit

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Wiring the limit switches to the Sun Harvester Circuit is easy since the Sun Harvester Driver Board has screw terminal inputs for making the connections.

Most limit switches can be wired two ways, normally open and normally closed. Normally open (NO) means that current only flows when the switch is pressed down. Normally closed (NC) is the opposite situation. Current is always flowing until you press the switch to break the connection.

While making these connections, you need to make sure to wire the limit switches normally open (NO).

Figures 1 and 2 below show how to make the connections for two different example limit switches (both of which are the ones sold in this site’s store).

Limits to Driver Board

Figure 1


Limits to Shield

Figure 2


Wiring Directly to the Shield

It is possible to use various different driver boards with the Sun Harvester Circuit (i.e. not the Sun Harvester Driver Board). Naturally, other driver boards don’t have the limit switch outputs built into them, so you will have to wire the limit switches directly to the Sun Harvester Shield. Figures 3 and 4 below show how to do this.
Warning: Make sure you don’t accidentally use 5V and Gnd here! Doing so will short circuit the Arduino when the limit is trigger and possibly ruin the board!


Figure 3



Figure 4



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