Wiring the Target Changer Potentiometer and Wind Protection Mode Switch to the Sun Harvester Shield

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Warning! Do not mix up the wiring in this next section. Doing so may cause a short between 5V and Gnd which could potentially damage your Arduino.

The wind protection mode switch is wired to the shield by soldering one wire to the input labeled “Switch” and the other to “5V” as shown below. Note that you can solder the wire shown in red below to either the left or right terminal on the switch.

Connecting Wind Protection Switch to Arduino

The target changer potentiometer is wired to the shield by soldering the left terminal to “Gnd”, the middle terminal to “Pot”, and the right terminal to “5V”.

Note that the left and right wires on the potentiometer can be switched. The left wire can go to “5V” and the right wire can go to “Gnd”, so don’t worry if you think you have mixed up these two wires. What you do not want to do, however, is mix up any of the other wires. Doing so could cause a short and damage either the Arduino or the potentiometer.


Potentiometer to Arduino

Here is one final image of both the switch and the potentiometer wired to the shield. You’ll notice that they can share the same 5V wire if you wish to avoid using extra wire.

Wind Protection and Potentiometer to Arduino


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