Resizing a Router Collet for Smaller Router Bits

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I was unable to find the correct size router collet in town, so I ended up having to buy one that was too big and then make it smaller with my bench grinder.

The collet is used to make the quarter inch opening where the bit is inserted into the router only one eighth of an inch so that router bits with smaller shanks can be used.

It is possible to buy the correct size off the net, but I did not want to have to wait for shipping, so I ended up making my own. It has lasted for about a year now without problems.

How It Was Done

The method I used for making the collet’s diameter smaller was pretty straightforward. All I did was put a nail inside the collet so that it was able to spin freely. The nail and collet were then held up by hand against a bench grinder with a pair of vice grips.

Because the collet was allowed to spin as the bench grinder removed metal, it’s round shape remained uniform.

I checked the diameter frequently to make sure that it didn’t end up too small. I also made one end of the collet slightly smaller in diameter so that it would be easier to insert in the router.

Note: The bench grinder is not on in the pictures because the plastic shield was removed to make it easier to see.

DSCI0008 [] (2)


DSCI0001 []

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